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Grandiose means Extravagant and Ambitious…

We, at Grandiose, believe in providing our students with a reliable launching pad which would take them to grand, ambitious and promising careers in the Beauty & Wellness Industry. We achieve this by our result-oriented academics which is made available to them at our main aim is to very competitive rates.

In Grandiose, we have selectively designed our courses according to the precise requirements of the current market scenario. It is the most advanced curriculum.

About Us

Our Academy


There was one important guiding factor that influenced us while giving the final layout to our Laboratories: the maximum number of students in each batch (which is six).  Hence, all our Labs can accommodate only six students per batch.  This ensures that each of them can learn in a much more focused manner. In addition, our Labs have been designed in such a way that they would impart a real feel of a Professional Beauty Studio as we put a lot of emphasis on a practical approach to professional training schooling.

Besides, our Academy is well equipped with all the latest beauty essentials, cosmetics, accessories, and state-of-the-art equipment, supplied by renowned dealers of the best international brands. We ensure that the students use all types and ranges of products that are used in real Salons & Beauty Studios. This renders the trainees â€śIndustry-ready" as soon as they complete their Courses with us. During their tenure with us, we provide them with plenty of opportunities to enrich their skills so that they can work in high-end salons of international stature.  Not only that; they will also be able to open their own Salons or Beauty Studios and run them effectively.

These students having entrepreneurial aspirations are liberally offered access to the best advice as well as feedback on the beauty and wellness world from us. Wouldn’t this facility provides them with a solid rock of self-confidence to start their Grand and Ambitious Career in the Beauty & Wellness Industry?

Why Choose Us?

Yes, we give 100% Placement Assistance to our students, and for the same we have our own portal of Jobs https://grandiose-institute.gazabjobs.com/ , in which any student can login and apply for the Jobs in their selected Area.

Apart from imparting skills in Beauty & Wellness, we have given prominent importance to Placement Services, as well. This ensures that our students will get attractive placements at well-known Salons or Cosmetology Clinics, as soon as they complete their courses at Grandiose. It is for this purpose that we have started up our own portal at gazabjobs.com